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Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Do High-Intensity Interval Training Without Running

High-Intensity Interval Training is a training system that is valuable for anyone who wants to change the practice to break through the plateau, introducing the muscle confusion or just to beat the boredom with a routine exercise. With HIIT you will go through high intensity interval workouts interspersed with brief recovery periods. While many runners use HIIT, you can get a high intensity exercise without running. Just combine other exercises You are already familiar with designing a HIIT routine unique, fast and effective.

Step 1
Select a workout. Possibilities include kettlebell swing, thrust the squat and push-up. You can also use the cardio equipment, such as the elliptical machine, stationary bike or rowing machine.

Step 2
Warm up for five minutes. Fitness instructor Shannon Fable recommend traveling squats and lunges, jumping jacks or knee hugs to You warm up. Progress through the heating so that the mark five minutes you cannot speak sentences but are still able to speak phrases.

Step 3
If 20 seconds of intense activity and follow it up with 10 seconds the intensity decreases. For example, on a stationary bike, pedal as fast as you can-say 90 RPM-for 20 seconds, then returns to the speed less intense but still faster than 75 RPM for 10 seconds. Speeding back to the top for 20 seconds longer. Proceed to step between the two for a total of four minutes.

Step 4
Complete the recovery three minutes after each interval. This is the time to get a drink of water if you need it, but keep moving during recovery. Take a walk or if you are using a stationary bicycle, remain and continue paddling with a speed of 25 to 30 RPM. Your heart rate should come down during the recovery period to the point where you can easily speak complete sentences.

Step 5
Alternative intervals with a recovery period until you have completed a total of three or four each, ended with the restoration.

Step 6
Cool for five minutes at the end of your workout. You can do one or two minutes of exercises used to warm up, cool down but You should also include the second muscle stretches for upper and lower body. This can include touching feet to stretch your hamstrings, thighs standing stretches for Your quadriceps, ITB, stretch calf stretching, shoulder stretching and stretching the chest.

You can do different exercises in one session of HIIT. For example, you can do a kettlebell swing intervals for your first, second intervals for the squat thrust, and stationary bikes for your third intervals. Move from one exercise to another to do exercise intervals are not necessary, but it adds variety.

Use a wall clock with a second hand or getting a timer that is large enough to read from a few feet away so you don't have to keep glancing over to your wrist to check Your watch during the interval.

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