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Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Human height depends on several factors such as genetic and non-genetic factors, including environmental factors and nutrition. It is said that a child is in the stage of growing up should follow a balanced diet, proper sleep and include exercise and physical activity for the growth and development of the right of his, both physically and mentally. It is said that after a certain age (on average 16-18 years), your height stops growing. So, if you really want to be high, better start from an early age.
Benefits of Yoga to increase Height

Everyone of us wants to be high. Some of us even wondered if it was possible to increase height in a natural way even after we crossed the age actually grow. Well, yoga is the solution for this. Yoga can do wonders to improve posture and overall posture of us and make us look high or high.

Some postures may help in tight Yoga stretches and lengthens your spine we. But when we want to get started, we need to start with simple exercises. Height is related to the length of our bones. After a certain age, the length of the bones ' is not increased. But it has been proven that yoga can be helpful in correcting posture and add a few inches for the height of the us.

Why Do Yoga?

Yoga helps to maintain the correct posture. Our spinal cord is very flexible. When we are in the wrong posture, it compresses the entire structure. When we align your spine properly and maintain a good posture, spinal structures will be didekompresi and makes us appear taller. Regular practice of yoga and stretching exercises can help us to correct the deficiencies. Yoga exercises also help to create a strong spine discs so that with age they don't bend. The practice of yoga helps prevent bone loss due to demineralisasi the bone. With the right yoga practice, our muscles toned and really stretch and helps us to see and feel high. It provides energy to all parts of our body and good for the overall health and well-being. The practice of yoga is not directly related to our high growth due to correct our posture, helps us stand taller, aligning our spine and to develop a strong core muscles.

Yoga breathing techniques with which its also helpful to stretch our body through a full range of movement. Inhalation in releasing stress is causing pressure on our back muscles, thus reducing barriers to boost the growth of the body. There are a few yoga postures that can help in increasing our height by keeping our bodies upright.

To increase height naturally, yoga is the best option. You do not need to extremity surgery, you don't need to be taking any supplements, you don't have to spend money and that is without any side effects. By doing yoga on a regular basis, we can increase awareness of postural increases. So what are you waiting for? Start doing some simple yoga Poses to increase your height.
Yoga Poses to increase Height

1. Surya Namaskar:

Let's start with surya namaskar or sun salutation. This is a century old practice of yoga, which involves 12 different postures, which should be done in chronological order. It is said that doing Surya Namashkar, at dusk or at night, which is beneficial to digestion and height, help loosen your joints and muscles. Asana yoga has been very effective in pain because it involves alternatives to bend backwards and forwards.

How to do surya namashkar?

Stand your feet touching each other. Facing towards the Sun. Touch one of the Palm of the other, the tip-to-tip, i.e. doing Namaskara a. inhale while lifting arm upwards. Bend backwards. Try to stretch your arm. Exhale while bending forward and try to touch the ground slowly. Keep your hand fit your feet. Your head should touch the knees. Inhale. Move Your right foot back. Slowly lift your head. Now get your head back into its normal position. Next, move the left foot to the rear. Your left leg should be parallel to the right leg and toes should touch the ground. Exhale when doing this pose. Now raise Your hips, keep the arms straight and align your head with your hands. Arches raises will be formed and push myself. Now, exhale. Lower your body to the ground. Touch the ground with your feet, knee, chest, including palms of your forehead. Inhale and lift your head back.

Try to stretch your head as far as possible. Push yourself and rest only on the palms of the hands and feet. Inhale. Bend your left leg at your knee. Bring your feet together and stand in position Namaskar.

2. The Sukhasana:

All yoga poses start forming this asanas and is said to be the center position in yoga. This is a beginner's pose. Yoga Asana is helpful in controlling our breathing and when the same tone down our lower back and hips.

How do the Sukhasana?

Sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position. Put your hands on your knees. You should focus on your breathing. Align your spine perfectly. Your spine should be extended correctly, while you sit straight. Now, push your butt to the floor and slowly lower the knees. Take 5 breaths. Inhale as you raise your hand up and over your head. Exhale as you lower the forearm. Repeat this 5 to 7 times.

3. Talasana:

The practice of yoga is very easy to do. It is also known as the Mountain Pose. To strengthen the arms, legs and spin, this is the perfect yoga practice.

How do Talasna?

Stand up straight. Keep your legs together. Your spine should be straight with your hands at your side. Keep the palms facing the thighs. Now join Your hands with your fingers. Take a deep breath. While inhale, lengthen the spine and stretch your hands above your head. Let your palms facing the ceiling. Lift Your heels next. Standing on your toes and balancing themselves. See that you stretch your entire body. Stay in the posture for a few seconds and then exhale. While the exhale, return to starting position.


To improve the balance and keeping a good posture, Trikonasana is also recommended. Also known as the triangle Pose, this asana helps in reducing the tension, too.

How do Trikonasana?

Stand with your feet 3 to 4 meters. Your feet should remain parallel to each other. Raise your hand. Your hands should be in a straight line with your shoulder. Now bend over at Your right hand side. With the fingers of your right hand, touch the toes of the right foot. Raise your left hand upward, looking in the direction of your left hand. Maintain this position for one minute. Repeat this procedure with the other side. When doing this, take a few deep breaths. Then, inhale and straighten your body. The next breath when you move your arms down to Your toes.

Parivrtta Trikonasana: 5.

This Pose is also known as an inverted triangle pose. This yoga postures improve body balance and strengthen your back, thereby increasing the height.

Parivrtta Trikonasana how to do?

Stand with your feet. Stretch Your legs to the side of them. Raise both your hands. Aligning them with your shoulder. Now turn your body to the right, and use your left hand, tap Your right foot. The right hand should be facing up and the fingers pointing out. Take a look at your fingertips and remained in this position for about 30 seconds. Next put your hands in line with your shoulders. Repeat this with the other side's posture.

6. Dogs and Cats:

Dog and cat yoga asana is helpful in expanding our spine is completely. This extension took place in two different directions. In this way helpful in stretching every disc of cartilage in your spine.

How do dogs and cats?

Stand on your hands and knees with wide hips. The hands should be in front of the shoulder and knee. Breath and Your pelvis tilting up. Drop your belly to the ground and lengkungkan spine and your head up. Stretch your body completely and then turns into a cat's position by reversing the arch your spine when performing this exercise, make sure that Your pelvis down and chest and belly in. Repeat this many times. Although dogs and cats are two separate movements, by combining both you get a high flexibility and maximum profits.

7. Adhomukha Savasana:

Relatively more easy to do. Also known as the dog facing down. This exercise increases blood flow to the face and neck. This exercise is done against gravity. So it helps in improving the mental confidence and reduce anxiety.

How to do Adhomukha Savasana?

Use your hands and knees to stay on the ground. Place your legs under Your hips and arms should be place below the shoulders. Grip firmly with your palm facing the ground and spread your fingers. Now squeeze your stomach with deep breathing. Lift your knees off the ground. The tail bone you automatically start up. Support yourself with both palms and toes. Now stretch your spine and legs so that your body takes the form of inverted V with Your tail bone points up. Remain in this position for 5 breaths.

8. The Tree Pose:

Strengthening the calf muscles and your legs and keep your overall balance with yoga asana is.

How to do Tree Poses?

Stand upright with your spine straight and feet should be kept together. Standing in the position of Namaste, stretching over your head. Raise your right leg bent at the knee. The Palm of Your right foot should be placed on the inner thighs of the left leg. The knee right foot facing outward. Breath normally. Then repeat this pose with your left foot.

9. Chakrasana: 

Yoga asanas is supposed to increase your height at any age. When you do this asana, it makes your body more spine flexible and elastic. This Asana also known as wheel pose.

How do the Chakrasana?

Lie down on your back. Bend your legs at the knees. Place them closer to the hips. Bend your elbows and place your palms on the side of your head. Take a deep breath while you lift your body up. Arch or curve your spine while resting on the feet and palms of the hand. Remain in this position for a few seconds and increases gradually with the duration of breathing normally.

10. Hastapadasana:

Very helpful in increasing your height. All body parts is focused while doing this exercise. Asana yoga is very suitable for people with shorter upper or lower part of the body. Also known as the hand to Foot Pose.

How do Hastapadasana?

Stand upright with your feet together. Input the arm on the side of your body. Keep your weight balanced on both feet. Inhale and wide at the top of your arm. Exhale and bend forward and down towards your feet. Stay in this position for a few seconds and continue to breathe deeply. See that spine and foot upright, hands resting on the floor, next to the legs or feet. While the exhale, move your chest towards your knees. Try to improve your hip and coccyx, relax your head relax, press the heel and move your head gently down towards your feet. Continue breathing. While the exhale, bring your arms out to the side.

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