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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Top 5 Home Remedies for Diarrhea -2

You will need: the same amount of

• cumin seeds
• Fenugreek seeds
• Plain yogurt (can take probiotic yogurt or cultered)-1 Bowl


• Roast the cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds.
• This Grind toasted spices to get their powder.
• Grab a bowl of yogurt and add 4 TSP ground toasted spices to it.
• Stir well.
• Have this yogurt.

Have a bowl of spiced yogurt like three times a day until the time you get rid ofdiarrhea-you really should not be more than a few days.

3. Avoid dairy products and certain other foods

When your digestive system in such situations is smooth so it can't absorb water, you need to eat and drink very carefully. You just have to have the foods that will help you get diarrhea and avoid other foods that can aggravate the already irritated large bowelmovement. First of all, you should really stop drinking milk and other dairy productsincluding cheese, butter etc but as you can read in the previous remedy, yogurt, alsoderived from milk is beneficial for your digestive system so you should have it as well asmore number of buttermilk which is too valuable for you. You should also avoid foodshigh in fiber have plenty of fiber for digestion can punctuate your weak already and make diarrhea worse. While the least amount of sugar in Your drink rehydralyting is fine but rather the amount of sugar can worsen diarrhea you. The following is a list offood and drink that you should avoid when suffering from diarrhea.

• Milk
• Cheese
• Butter
• Food or drinks with a high sugar content including sweet fruits
• food greasy and fatty foods
• liquid Cool
• Fruit juice (higher number of hard to digest fructose)
• Apple juice, prune juice (they have a laxative effect)
• Fiber rich foods like beans, cabbage or Brussels sprouts.
• fiber rich foods like oatmeal
• caffeinated beverages
• Spicy foods
• Alcohol

In addition to avoiding all foods, you should also avoid physical activity. These includesexual activity, sport, sports, dancing etc. rest until your weaknesses is gone and you've got enough energy and strength.

4. Oregon grape root and other herbs for chronic diarrhea

There are certain herbs such as Oregon grape root and gold seal has a berberin in it.Berberin is antimicrobial that is considered an effective recovery of the bacteriaassociated with certain foods also certain alkaloids. They also help in reducing the secretion of the intestines that are essential to limit the diarrhea. You can also add redraspberry and geranium leaves to the root oregon grape. This plant has astringent properties which are useful in treating diarrhea due to AIDS in bowel and slows the passage of the contract the stool. This helped in the decline is lower than the water andminerals from your body. However, this herb is only recommended for cases of veryserious diarrhoea. Also, you should take under the guidance of professionalpractitioners who can guide you on the amount of tea and tincture. Here is one recipe for Oregon grape root herb that also has other beneficial herbs for diarrhea.

You will need:

• Oregon grape root-2 tsp
• Dried bilberry Leaf (do not take fresh) or geranium or red raspberries-1 tsp
• garlic cloves--1-2 cloves
• Chamomile-½ TSP
• water – 2 cups


• Boil the water.
• Add Oregon grape root and reduce the flame to simmer for 10 minutes.
• After 10 minutes, put off the flame and add the remaining ingredients.
• Let it steep for 10-15 minutes.
• Have a warm. Don't leave until cold.

5. Have the digestion friendly, then stuffing the BRAT Diet

BRAT diet have first and when the severity of the diarrhea subsides, you beginswitching to Cram diet. What you eat and what you don't eat is very important whensuffering from gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea. BRAT is an abbreviation ofBanana, rice, Apple sauce and Toast are good for you because the food is bland andextremly low fiber diet. At the same time, they provide your body with energy, which is important, without stressing your digestive tract, it needs to function. However, this is not a substitute for oral rehydration fluids (which we talked about in the first drug) butfree for it. How does all this BRAT diet? Let us know.

B for Banana-provide potassium, a mineral that controls fluid balance in your body.
R rice rice boiled, low-carb fiber delivers energy without disturbing your gut.
A for Apple sauce have pectin components, soluble fiber wetting in Your intestineexcess liquid slows down the bench.
T to toast again, like rice, is the low-carb fiber to provide you with important energyneeded by your body without stressing Your bowel movement. Toast the bread in the diet of BRAT means plain, without butter or jam or jelly. Yes, you can have it with Apple sauce though!
The ideal thing to do is to make a diet BRATY by adding ' Y for Yogurt ' to help develop the friendly bacteria in your gut. Sometimes, it is also converted to Bratt diet withadditional ' T to the tea. "Tea light set with black tea leaves and no milk in it also has been used as a folk remedy for fluid replenishment during diarrhea. While the water in tea helps with rehydration, astringent tannins tea helps in reducing the inflammation ofthe intestines.

After your gut strong enough to bear the pressure a little bit more, you have to switch to a diet of CRAM diet due to lack of essential protein BRAT and fat. Using the dietlonger BRAT can affect your body negatively due to lack of protein and fat. So,adopting a diet CRAM as soon as possible. CRAM stands for Cereals, rice, Apple sauce,and milk. In fact, certain research in hospitals in Asia and South America, set diet as a cure that CRAM even more effective diet compared to traditional BRAT. These studieshave validated the use of cereals, rice and milk as a diet plan is a stop-gap for theabdominal pain is one that you experience during diarrhea.

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