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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sex during Menstruation Can get pregnant?

Women don't get pregnant during menstrual cycle? According to many experts, it is acommon misconception that many believed the community.

Most women menstruation within two to eight days, with cycles lasting for 26-34 days.Ovulation or the egg release usually occurs in the middle of the cycle and is the most fertile time in the menstrual cycle, which allows women to conceive.

"Egg is released during ovulation last only 24 hours," explains Dr. Michele Hakakha, expert on Obstetrics and Gynecology in Los Angeles. "If it is not fertilized by a sperm,the egg will not survive and come out with menstrual blood around 14 days later."

In rare cases, women with shorter menstrual cycle (24 days for example), can bemenstruation for seven days. When to have sex on the day of the last menstruation,ovulation can occur three days later.

"Because sperm can live more or less for three to five days, she would get pregnant,"imbuh Hakakha, as reported by Parents.

If you have sex and are wanting a pregnancy, you can check if there are symptomssuch as mild cramping in the abdomen bottom, Fleck (who may be coming out after the fertilized egg), breast pain, and a decrease in mood.

These symptoms can occur less than two weeks after ovulation and pregnancy signsYou're close.

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