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Friday, November 7, 2014

Natural Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Aphthous Stomatitis is a medical term that usually bother people that thrush problems unlike the common ulcer that occurs in the mouth. Different from ulcer wounds followed by infections in the mouth so painful either talk or even eating the food at times; Ulcer is also known for not being very responsive to spices or herbs that are used in food preparation.
Luka became the result of infections are advised to treat them as early as possible to prevent possible spread from one part of the mouth at a faster rate. Some treatments are natural and are said to be effective in treating thrush is easily available at home before going to the medical solutions are given below:

  • Alum:

This is one of the key elements in the preparation of astringent and can be commonly found in all public stores in the form of solid pieces that can be ground into powder form. Alum in powder form that can be mixed with water to make a thick paste for application directly on the canker sores and left so for about 15 minutes after that plain water can be used for washing the mouth. To eliminate these sores are advised to use this mix powdered alum for every three hours and prevent the spread of this infection is more in the mouth, it can also be used regularly if the wound is very often the problems encountered.

  • Baking Soda:

One of the other methods for treating canker sores due to the rich content of acid in it helps in preventing the spread of bacteria that pasta should be made with baking soda and water and applied directly on the wound left on for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of when the paste was applied mouth should be washed with plain water, care should be taken so that these treatments will be done before eating meals as this would make it easy for food is swallowed without pain. In addition a mouthwash ready with baking soda can be used to wash the mouth after eating to see that the teeth are clear of any harmful bacteria that cause. Two teaspoons of Baking soda mixed with 200 ml of drinking water warm enough to prepare to use mouthwash after meals.

  • Neem:

Also referred to as Indian Lilac Neem is used as a treatment for some of the problems which even include infections of the mouth, there are also some time in the past when neem Rod used to clean teeth instead of brushes. The liquid extracted from neem leaves are boiled in water for about 30 minutes can be used as a mouth wash before and after eating the food. Though it may be bitter, it also recommended to chew the fresh leaves of the neem to treat in addition to that you can use to keep your mouth fresh and clean at all times reduces the possibility of the spread of infection.

  • Basil:

Medicinal properties in basil leaves makes a good treatment for aphthous ulcers that can chew the leaves to treat at the same time reducing the pain and infection. Mouthwash with basil leaves can be prepared at home to keep germs in the distance from the mouth and eliminate the possibility of the spread of infection in it.

  • The Onion:

This is quite like garlic when it comes to treating mouth ulcers caused by the enzymes present in it helps in effective treatment of bacterial infections in those results. Luka can also be treated by consuming a raw onion everyday besides the onion juices are also directly used to heal wounds at a faster rate, which can be grated onion to squeeze out the juice. This onion juice can be applied by using the index finger in your mouth and have to be repeated for about four times per day until the wound is treated with success.

  • Drinking Soda:

The presence of bicarbonate in the soda is known to kill micro-organisms that produce infection make the best choice for cleaning the mouth mouthwash. This not only cuts can be treated by drinking their soda is also known to assist in the removal of food particles that providers supply energy for the bacteria.

  • Teabag:

A used tea bag can be washed and chilled for use in treating mouth ulcers due to tannins in tea which is known to help in reducing the pain and inflammation caused by the wound. There is no limit to the number of times these tea bags can be used to treat thrush.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide:

These are chemicals that are said to be acidic in nature has a large bleaching properties, but are also advised not to use these chemicals directly instead of having to use diluted with water. After diluting the chemical can be used 3-4 times per day to clean the mouth which helps in treating thrush.

  • Plum Juice:

Plum juice can also be used to treat wounds that are possible with the enzymes present in the plum battle against bacteria to remove them at the earliest.
Plum juice can either be drunk three times per day or they can also be applied to 3-4 times on the wound every day.

  • Yogurt:

Cold yogurt certainly is said to provide relief for those hurt by cuts, two cups of yogurt can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the wound. Live bacteria in yogurt is also known to treat infections.

It is not only necessary that the above given treatment is the only way to help in preventing additional injuries were also advised to go with a proper diet by including plenty of protein and vitamins every day to boost the immune system. A stronger immune system will help in the fight against various diseases that result from an inappropriate reaction of enzymes and certain chemicals in foods. It is therefore necessary to identify the foods that will result in the formation of these sores in the mouth.

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